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“The Bible cannot be the foundation we build upon; the foundation is Jesus.” Brian Zahnd talks on how to approach scripture, American Nationalism, Trump’s Bible Photo Op during the George Floyd protests, equality, and contemplative prayer in this brilliant and transformative Podcast.

“Jesus presides over our interpretation of scripture. Jesus presented us with the hermeneutic that we must interpret all things as fulfilled by Christ… Everything is Fulfilled in Christ or Set it Aside.”

On Trump’s Bible Photo Op, “It was a moment of deep truth-telling through the exposition of a deep lie.”

“What the Bible does infallibly is point us to Jesus, who is the true Word of God.”

Brian Zahnd is an Author and the pastor of Word Of Life Church.

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Thomas Floyd is a psychotherapist that loves to chat about the intersectionality of faith and psychology. He passionately pursues the belief that being spiritually mature means also being emotionally mature. He lived in Chile for the first 11 years of his life and now lives with his wife Sarah in North Carolina. He is an enneagram enthusiast, a theology junky, and a sports FANATIC.

Jason & Karen Clark lead A Family Story ministries. Thier mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. They live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. Debbie Randall

    I appreciate reading the different stories and view points and words from A Family Story.
    It is my sincerest and most earnest prayer that those who take the name of Christ, not judge and bash our President but pray like the Bible instructs us to do.

    • Jason Clark

      Hey Debbie, thanks for the generous words regarding A Family Story.

      I agree with not bashing Trump or anyone for that matter. I do pray for Trump, probably more than I prayed for Obama. And I am for both of them, not politically, but as men and leaders loved by my heavenly Father.

      I understand that we live in a world often defined by the shifting political thoughts and actions of the day, but I try not to “do politics”. It’s my heart in all things to “do love”. I am not being trite, I am trying to explain that I willfully and intentionally wear blinders that are relational in nature.

      That means that when I write or speak, or interview, I can address the political thoughts or actions of the day that are counter to the nature of Love regardless of what party they belong to. It’s not my heart to offend, it’s my heart to perceive all things through love.

      I know Zahnd can be strong. I too have at times been uncomfortable by the strength of his rebuke of the political actions of those in power (especially those who claim to be followers of Jesus). But I believe Zahnd is a prophetic voice highlighting the political “us and them” spirit of the day within the church. It’s one of the reasons why we had him on.

      Personally, I have felt nothing but love from Zahnd for Jesus and His church.

      Anyway, just wanted to let you know our approach, why we were honored to have Brian on the podcast, and that we are not looking to bash any of our leaders.

      Lots of love!


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BRIAN ZAHND / Jesus Is The Interpretation

The Bible cannot be the foundation we build upon, the foundation is Jesus. Brian Zahnd talks on how to approach scripture, American Nationalism, Trump’s Bible photo Op during the George Floyd protests, equality, and contemplative prayer in this brilliant and transformative Podcast.

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