What if God’s love, perfectly revealed through the cross, restores all things? What if the world is already reconciled in Christ and we are simply awakening to that gospel? What if Christ is our message and we preach to awaken hearts? Derek and Jason dive into our union in Christ and how that impacts everything from knowing our identity to loving our “enemies,” to evangelism, to navigating cross moments in our lives.


“Christ is our message, we preach to awaken hearts.” Derek Turner

“What if the world is already reconciled in Christ and we are simply awakening to this gospel.” Jason Clark

“Receive my son, what could be a higher call, everything else is just mission” Derek Turner

“We love when we know love.” Jason Clark

“The calling of God is, ‘receive my Son.’” Derek Turner
“All of humanity has been reconciled to Christ, they just don’t know it.” Derek Turner

“Principles and obedience are meant to help us develop a love culture (of love) so we can discover who we truly are.” Jason Clark

Podcast intro and outro music by Wilde Assembly

Derek Turner Follower of Jesus, in love with @sarahjturner, father to @caro.turn & @kaaatters, owner of Milo, pastor @rivercharlotte. Amazed by Grace

Jason Clark is a writer, speaker, and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.

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  1. Sam

    What cognizant christians will take away from ‘the whole world is automatically reconciled to Christ’ suggests the whole world —all humans—are saved for eternity; even if they are not aware nor even have accepted Christ. This is misleading and borderline lie. As your human father said to you, ‘don’t make stuff up son’.

    By grace are ye saved. Grace saves. Love is the motivation behind the grace.

    You r changing the nature of God and Christ by omitting scriptures regarding punishment and eternal torment.

    Let every man be a liar but God be true. I think you and Derek are courting disaster by preaching another gospel—just a thought …

    Scripture is important…much of it will be played back ‘on that day’.


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