Jesus said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Jesus both revealed the Father and what life could look like when lived sure in the Father’s always good love.

Jesus showed us that every good story is a family story.

We are all living A Family Story. We are all created to grow as sons and daughters sure in our Father’s always good love. We are all invited to live confident as fathers and mothers, becoming living expressions of His kingdom come.

This is the gospel of Jesus and it changes the world!

In 2014 Karen and I felt our Father inviting us to dream with Him into creating A Family Story Ministries. In the years that have followed, we have given ourselves to revealing the goodness of our Fathers love through speaking, writing, music, and film. We have been continually amazed by the impact of this life-transforming message.

A Family Story Ministries is a 501ce non-profit committed to teaching and releasing media content that is catalytic to an encounter with our Father’s always good love.

A Family Story Newsletters 

A Family Story News: Imagine

            A Family Story News. FIRST: I am excited to release a new episode of Imagine in which I had the incredible privilege to talk about miracles and the powerful love of God with Pastor Mahesh Chavda. For over thirty-five years,...

A Family Story News: We’re Writing A Movie

            WHAT'S HAPPENING? A FAMILY STORY has one passion, to create brilliant content that is catalytic to the discovery of God’s good love. We believe a greater revelation of the love of God is what leads to transformed hearts and...

In Full Swing for 2017

              GREETINGS FRIENDS! It’s been some time since we have been in touch. That’s because I, Jason Clark, spent most of the first 10 weeks of 2017 on one thing, finishing my new book. I am thrilled to inform you that I handed...

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