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A FAMILY STORY has one passion, to create brilliant content that is catalytic to the discovery of God’s good love. We believe a greater revelation of the love of God is what leads to transformed hearts and minds.

That is why I am thrilled to tell you about our huge news! WE’RE WRITING A MOVIE!!

A FAMILY STORY has partnered with the Senior Producer of the X-Men series, the former VP of 20th Century Fox, and an NYT bestselling author to create a powerfully good feature film that will amaze and reveal the transformative power of God’s always good love!


Over the last six months, my brother Joel and I have been working to develop a screenplay and assemble a team to make the movie; a powerful film about family, love, loss and radical faith. The favor of God has been amazing and we have had some incredible people come alongside to partner with us. Let me introduce them.


Joel Clark, a Producer, and Director with A FAMILY STORY will Direct this film; a film based on a theme from a book by a friend of ours, Mark Batterson. Mark is the Pastor of National Community Church in DC. He has authored 15 books, including NYT Bestseller, The Circle Maker. Mark will be one of the Executive Producers of this film.

In the last two months, Ralph Winter and Simon Swart have signed on as Executive Producers as well. Ralph has produced films over the last 20 years including, Marvels, X-Men Series, Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek. Simon, a former VP of Twentieth Century Fox, worked on many films including,  Juno, Napoleon Dynamite, The Passion, and Avatar. These men have been looking for the right opportunities to make brilliant faith-based films and we are so honored to have their influence and expertise!


As to the movie – I can’t give away the title, or too much of the synopsis yet, but here is a brief overview of the message.

“At the heart of the film are questions everyone struggles with at some point in life. Questions such as, “If God is good, why is there such pain in the world?”, “How does my life impact others?”, “What is family?” and “Can one person truly make a difference?”

This story is about the complexity of family and finding the goodness of God in the greatest of life’s pain – the loss of loved ones.”

A FAMILY STORY will play a continued role in this movie! Besides Writer, Director and Producer roles, we will be releasing a film based discipleship curriculum in partnership with Mark Batterson. This series will further develop the truths from the film and will be a great invitation to discover God’s always good love!


As a fledgling Non-Profit ministry, we are on the cusp of some amazing things! But while we are favor rich, we’re currently pinching pennies to keep the lights on.

If you believe in the message of A FAMILY STORY or have been blessed by the ministry, I would ask you to consider partnering with us prayerfully AND financially for this year.

This is a breakthrough year (listen to the Breakthrough message on our podcast) and we believe the revelation of the love of God is being released on the planet like never before. I ask you to help us as we follow our favor into greater influence and promise.

And I want to thank those who pray for us daily and those who have given and who give monthly. We love you and are so grateful!

Jason and Karen Clark – July 6, 2017


P.S More News


Our Podcast is finally up! We are releasing messages every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. You can listen or download at A Family Story. Or, you can get the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.


August and September are wide open on my schedule. I would love to come and spend a weekend with your church, to encourage and empower you into the always good love of our Father.

If you would like to have me come speak, you can send me an email HERE. You can see my speaking schedule HERE.


As many of you know, my book, God Is (Not) In Control – The Whole Story Is Better Than You Think, released in May. The feedback has been astounding and I will share it at another time. In the meantime, you can learn more about it here HERE.

We are currently running a BOOK GIVEAWAY through this weekend. If you want to sign up to WIN a copy, you can do so HERE.



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