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A Family Story News.


I am excited to release a new episode of Imagine in which I had the incredible privilege to talk about miracles and the powerful love of God with Pastor Mahesh Chavda.

For over thirty-five years, the Chavdas (Mahesh and Bonnie) have been reaching the nations with the gospel accompanied by signs and wonders. Hundreds of thousands have come to salvation and thousands have received healing from critical diseases like AIDS and cancer through their ministry.

Many of these miracles have been medically documented, including healings of Stage IV cancer, the lame, deaf and blind as well as the resurrection from the dead of a six-year-old boy. He told this story and it’s so good.

You can watch it HERE.


We (the family) recently traveled to Western NY on a speaking/book tour. I spoke at a couple churches and connected with friends and pastors in the area. There was lots of good fellowship and connection, prophetic words, and prophetic strategy – given and received. We also saw healings (ear, backs, necks and chronic pain). Miracles are one of the promises we are running down and it’s so fun to see them happening with greater regularity.

Here is an email I received recently about our books and speaking…

“Thank you for your obedience in writing such crazy, life-changing, non-religious books that have been affecting this “been to church all my life” girl. When you speak, preach, teach, I sense God is cultivating my heart- pulling out all these ways I have grown up thinking/believing … striving, desperation for God’s love, God using skill saws… like weeds. And when I read what God has revealed to you, I sense this deeper cultivation, churning or tilling of breaking through the crusty surface and stirring up the nutrients, giving room for roots to go deeper, for parts that have been germinating to sprout up. I am excited to see what this process brings forth in my life and love with Father God.”


I have been working with my brother, Joel Clark, on a couple film projects. I have already written about the movie (All In) which is in early production. As soon as we can, I will share more of the details. This film project has opened the door for several other amazing film opportunities that we are either in the proposal or funding stage.

In the last several years God has confirmed in some awesome ways that media is something we are free to run at. A few months back I received another prophetic word around media from a friend who knew nothing of the current film projects we are doing. Here are some excerpts from that word.

“There is a big TV screen in front of you… I’m feeling like God is really focusing your attention on the media…you will bring back into the homes across the nation a sense of belonging and community through mass media…then I see you actually step into that TV screen and become part of what is going on…mass media is on you for the world in the area of family and the love of God.” –  Jenny Sharkey


We have had just under $10,000 committed to A Family Story through the remainder of 2017. We are so blessed by this as the operating budget is covered and I can take a small salary. Thank you!


Writing and speaking have been my primary focus these last months and there has been great favor. We are pushing onto breakthrough and there are a couple things I want to ask you.

  • Pray for breakthrough in these film projects. We have three film specific projects, incredible transformative narratives that are needing to be greenlit. Pray for favor with investors.
  • Pray for breakthrough in opportunities to speak. I am seeing such profound transformation and encounter wherever we go. I believe the message of our Fathers love is the key to transform a nation divided by economics, race, and ideology. Pray for increased opportunity to share this message.
  • Pray for the Clark’s. This ministry is a family affair. Pray for protection, resources, and continued opportunity.
  • Support the ministry. You can give a one-time gift or monthly HERE
    We are a 501c3

Love you guys! Thanks for loving us so well.
Jason and Karen Clark


P.S More News


We are releasing messages every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. You can listen or download at A Family Story. Or, you can get the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.


2018 is wide open on my schedule. I would love to come and spend a weekend with your church, to encourage and empower you into the always good love of our Father.

If you would like to have me come speak, you can send me an email HERE. You can see my speaking schedule HERE.


As many of you know, my book, God Is (Not) In Control – The Whole Story Is Better Than You Think, released in May. The feedback has been astounding.

“I feel as if I have personally been escorted back to the Garden where the original lie was introduced (control) and been given the eyes to see the deception and how it plays itself out in my skewed understanding of who God is. Mind blown. I barely have words to describe the joy and hope I have for deeper revelation and intimacy with God.” Mary Featherstone – Amazon Reader

You can purchase it here HERE

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