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A Greater Revelation in 2018

What if God is Love and Love is measureless, infinite. And what if this measureless Love came to earth as a child, grew to be a man and lived in our finite world, a world controlled by measurements.

And what if He met every controlling measurement He encountered. What if He answered every need, healed every affliction, and in Him every broken heart could be made whole?

And then what if He experienced the ultimate control, death. And then what if He revealed that perfect Love is more powerful than death by rising from the grave? What if He had all authority over the finality of control? What is Love was sovereign?

What if Love was the most powerful force on the planet, what if all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Love?

And what if the power and authority of love is the true narrative by which we are to live our story; the true language we are born to speak, the true lens by which we are meant to perceive our every experience? What if Love is the truth that sets us free from every insecurity?

And what if we made the discovery of this perfect Love the pursuit of our faith?

Love, an infinitely beautiful revelation.

Love, it holds the stars in the sky and is the breath in our lungs. It’s the force of gravity weighing our feet to earth, and what lifts the sparrow to flight.

Love, it sets free, and it redeems, and it restores, and it transforms, sinners to saints and slaves to sons.

Love, it redeems the worst of tragedy and heals the ravaged heart.

Love, it restores sight to the blind, cleanses disease, feeds the hungry, clothes the poor, raises the dead!

Love, it looks like heaven, measureless in scope, and HERE, NOW.

Love, it knows no end, no boundaries, no lack. And it trumps every controlling need.

Love, it has hands and feet, you and me; we are becoming like Him!

I pray that you would experience a greater revelation our Fathers measureless Love; that you would live, move and have your being sure in His Love in 2018.

Happy New Year from A Family Story!

2017 in Review – Vision for 2018

We believe the earth is on the cusp of a great awakening to the Fathers love and what is means to be a part of His family. A Family Story is called to be front-runners in this revelation.

We have had two focuses in 2017 regarding how to release this message. First – to the church. Second – to the world.

Here is a quick overview of our year.

First – to the church

–       I spoke over 25 times in over 15 churches and ministries.

–       We released a book that empowers intimacy God Is (Not) In Control. We have sold or given away approx. 1200 copies.

–       We have seen miracles from healings, deaf ears opened, chronic pain erased, back, neck, knee and elbows healed, marriages restored, and countless sons and daughters have experienced a greater revelation of His love and been transformed in thinking and living.

–       We launched a sermon podcast that releases twice a month.

–       We finished a three-part (2 years in the making) television discipleship program. This partnership with another ministry was an amazing opportunity to develop skill in communicating through film.

We have barely scratched the surface regarding the impact God has called us to within the church. My prayer is that next year I would double my speaking schedule and impact at least 10 times the audience size. A few other goals for next year – we will release an audio version of the book and also further develop print and film discipleship content. more on that later.

Second – to the world

–       I wrote a screenplay titled “ALL IN” with my brother Joel. It is an invitation to discover the goodness of God through the power of story. We are partnered with Mark Batterson and an amazing team of Hollywood producers. I believe it will be made in 2018 year.

–       We (Joel and I) are currently writing another screenplay. While I cannot tell you the details at this time, it is a powerful true story with a small budget already committed.

To be honest, the idea of pursuing feature film and television opportunities has been a faith journey for me this year. It is such a large mountain (area of influence). But earlier this year God confirmed and challenged me to run at it as David did at Goliath – with confidence that we are called, ready and promised the victory. And that the whole world will be impacted through it.

With that in mind – in 2018, A Family Story will continue to follow favor, connection, opportunity, and potential investors as we further develop content that reveals His love.

I want to thank your prayer and giving this year. We are preparing to see greater breakthrough in lives this year, more opportunities to release the transforming revelation of His love.

If you would like to partner with us through year-end giving, you can do so HERE

A Family Story is a 501c3 non-profit.

Jason and Karen Clark

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