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I’ve often described how leading A Family Story these past years has felt much like exploring the best route up a mountain while people are following you.

It’s been an exhilarating adventure filled with joy, breakthrough, and revelation. It’s also had its share of wrong turns and backtracking.

It can be a challenge to cast vision while backtracking. But there has been nothing more transformational than the goodness of God we’ve discovered through pioneering!

We believe the whole earth is experiencing a great reformation, an awakening to the always good love of our Heavenly Father. We have all been invited into this grand narrative; a story of transformation, hope, and trust. A Family Story.

Through writing, speaking, film, and, music, we are passionately releasing this relentlessly good story. We will continue to explore His goodness and trust there will be breakthrough in opportunity to exponentially reveal His always-good love.

I am so thankful for all those who are on this journeying with us!


A Family Story is a 501c3 All gifts are tax-deductible.


I wanted to touch base and share what we have been up to as well as give a few testimonies from 2019. I also wanted to share what we’re working toward.

you might notice we have a new website! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Evan Dixon who built it and maintains! I highly recommend him for all your website/development needs! http://askorimagine.com/

I am so thankful for Christian Rafetto who has brought his wisdom and branding brilliance regarding A Family Story. From our new logo to weekly articles, emails, and memes, he has created a beautiful consistent aesthetic. Check out Rafetto Creative for your design and marketing solutions. https://rafettocreative.com/

Without these guys, the new site wouldn’t have been possible.

I also spent the first several months of this year working on the backend of our website so that over ten years of content would be categorized, tagged for google searches, and easily sharable.

That’s why this testimony I recently found in my inbox greatly encouraged!

“I was praying this morning. Tired. Procrastinating getting up for church, thinking about why reading the Bible mostly scares me, instead of comforts me. And so, I Googled, “Wrong ideas about God.”

You popped up. I read part of something you wrote but stopped before my head exploded. You have written about stuff I’ve always wondered regarding God’s goodness… your thoughts are so contrary to the views that have been cemented in my brain since childhood.

 My brain can’t reconcile that Jesus, “the exact representation of God,” can look at the people who nailed Him up and say, “Father, forgive them?” That doesn’t match the God of the OT who told people to smite everybody… Intellectually, I know God is love, That He looks like Jesus. I TELL people He is love. BUT in my own head, I don’t always really know that…

I could only read a few of your thoughts before I had to stop. I was getting vertigo. But I’ll be back. I’ll try again. Slowly. So I don’t get the bends or whatever happens to my brain, my guts… I’ll be back, Jason Clark. It may take a hot minute. But I’ll try this again.


As you know, we are releasing at least one article a week and have re-launched the monthly message podcast which has also encouraged a lot of people around the world.

“I can feel our Father’s love over me when I read and listen to your work. I’m not a good speaker, but I am planning to put a message together that I want to give to the guys (who work on our farm) one Sunday. My hope is that the guys would experience the love of our Father the same way I have experienced it.  Boeta – South Africa

Check out the site, and let people know it’s there. www.afamilystory.org

SECOND, the beginning of this year was full of speaking and traveling. I had a chance to go on a ministry trip with Anothen Global (a ministry we are partnered with) to Norway and the Netherlands where we worshiped with and ministered to amazing believers in the business world. https://www.anothen.co/

I spoke at The Reformers Gathering in Charlotte, it was a powerful weekend of transformed thinking and encounter. I also spent weekends in Greenville SC, Chicago IL, and Peterborough ONT CAN. These times were incredible! I had the opportunity to pray and minister to the pastors and the body and God moved both prophetically and miraculously.

“Thank you for the impartation you released at Christian Victory Church. I continue to see a shift in attitudes and breakthrough in how people are seeing our Heavenly Father!” Pastor Mark Murrack

 “I just wanted to thank you once again for everything in these past few days. God has been messing me up so much and I really feel that this conference for me has been one of those pivotal moments that you remember for life. I can’t even begin to explain all the stuff God is doing.” Ryan


THIRD, we are partnering with Pastor Matthew Hester and Present Truth Academy (an online ministry school). I will be providing a 6-week elective on the Sovereignty of God based on my book, God Is (Not) In Control. We plan to have this available on A Family Story’s site early next year.

FOURTH we continue to develop film content and continue to meet with streaming companies. We are currently developing and pitching Film and TV ideas to several content houses including companies such as Amazon and Netflix. While I have no breakthrough to report, I have faith we will see it, and soon.

FINALLY, I am writing. I am always writing, but in the last month I’ve got a sense of direction that excites me and I have since outlined and begun a new book. Depending on what happens on the film end of things, I could see having this book ready to release this time next year.

HOW CAN YOU PARTNER WITH US? I ask you to consider partnering with us prayerfully AND financially. I believe the seed you sow into this ministry will reap a harvest beyond our wildest imaginings.


  • For the Clark family. Pray for righteousness, peace, and joy to permeate all we see and do.
  • Pray for breakthrough and favor in the area of film. We have had meetings with some of the top Executives and acquisitions departments of several Streaming and Production Houses. We need one green light to get our foot in the door.
  • Pray for favor and wisdom.

GIVE:  For those who have given and those who give monthly, we are so honored and grateful!!

Your giving supports

  • Discipleship content, books, video, and online content creation and development
  • Travel expenses for speaking and ministry
  • Film/TV content development

We pray joy and grace surround you in every area of life.
We love you!

Jason and Karen Clark


PS: If any of my books have encouraged you, I would be honored if you took a moment to write a review on the book’s Amazon page. The more reviews, the greater exposure the book receives. https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004APSJXG

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