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Francois is an author most known for his current work, The Mirror Bible. In this interview, Francois talks about our Father’s great affection, inclusion, grace, intimacy, ministry, and the unveiled revelation of love! He also shares some of his story and how he came to write The Mirror Bible.

The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! And he is not about to abandon his creation – the gift of his son is for humanity to realize their origin in him who mirrors their authentic birth – begotten not of flesh but of the Father! In this persuasion, the life of the ages echoes within the individual and announces that the days of regret and sense of lost-ness are over!

Eph 1:4 “Jesus is God’s mind made up about us!…”

Eph 4:21 “It is not possible to study Christ in any other context; He is the incarnation; hear Him resonate in you! The truth about you has its ultimate reference in Jesus. He did not come to introduce a new compromised set of rules; He is not an example for us but of us…”

Favorite quote,
“The best news becomes irrelevant if someone feels excluded.”

For more information on Francois & Lydia du Toit, go to
The Mirror
Lydia du Toit

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Jason Clark is a writer, speaker and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. Bess Rhoades

    Francois is a gift to mankind. The insight he reveals is freeing and satisfying! If you don’t have a Mirror Bible, please treat yourself! It is actively being translated and will alter your understanding of God lovingly forever! If you’d like to support his work, you can do that, too! Blessings!

    • Lorraine Wade

      Mr. Du Toit may be a good writer, but he has been deceived and is deceiving others. Yes God is loving and caring, but God is also Holy. But what this translation does is dismiss or belittles God’s Holiness and His righteousness k with his false translation (The Mirror). A mirror cause us to see ourselves as we really are, unrighteous and unholy until we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior then cleanses us and make us righteous and holy .In his translation he has added to and taken away from the word of God because there are words he doesn’t like (sin and hell). Deuteronomy 4:2, you shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you. If that not good enough, here’s another one from the New Testament, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent equipped for every good work. He changed God’s word to make himself feel more comfortable. Mr. Du Toit doesn’t like that the Bible make him look at his own prideful, wicked, selfish, and sinful ways. You may have already passed on this translation to you friend, but is a false translation of God true word.

      • Renee Sigel

        What’s your take on the woman caught in the act of adultery. What’s your take on Mary Magdalene? Or of Thomas or Peter or the sons of thunder? What do you take on John 317?

      • Chris

        Sin & hell are the doctrines that enslaves man to churchianity. First we must understand the word metanoia.

    • Lorraine Wade

      Read Deut. 4:2, Ps. 119:105, Heb. 13:8. we are not to change God’s word nor add to it. It is make you uncomfortable about your sinful life that what it was meant to do to show us our sinfulness. and for Jesus to draw us to him for salvation and to cleanse us from our unrighteousness. he has twisted the word of God to make himself feel more comfortable in doing so he has deceived himself and others who have decided to listen to and follow his teachings.

      • Jason Clark

        Hey Lorriane,

        Thanks for sharing. I think our starting point is different. While I used to see myself as a sinner, I no longer think that way. It’s not that I can’t sin or don’t sin, But Paul tells me that I am dead to sin and alive in Christ. That “the old man” (my sinful thinking) has been crucified with Christ and I am a new creation. (see Rom 6-8)

        So my starting place in life and relationship with God is that I am a beloved son who is prone to do good, prone to righteousness, and alive in Christ!

        I am not actually prone to wander, Jesus saved me from that way of living…

        If you want to read more on this thought here is an article titled From Sinner to Saint…

        And also What about Sin…

        As to The Mirror, I believe Francios has simply believed what Jesus said on a cross, “It is finished…” and is writing through the conviction of our salvation.

        As to him adding or changing words, I don’t agree, I think he is brilliantly interpreting the heart of Jesus when He prayed we would be one as He was one with His Father… (see John 17)

        I think we (the North American Church) have deified the bible and made it to be a god. It’s not. The Word is Jesus (see John 1).

        Jesus told us in John 5 that we can “search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life, and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.” Essentially, you can look for life in scripture but you won’t find it there because Jesus is where life is found.

        The bible didn’t die for me, doesn’t love me, doesn’t know or care for me; all it can do is reveal the One who has saved and redeemed and restored me to righteousness through union in Christ.

        For me, The Mirror is brilliantly revealing the good news that you Lorraine are loved, that the Father is pleased with you tonight, that there is nothing you can do that would cause Him to leave you or forsake you. That even if you left Him, He would come running to you, that nothing, not death or life nor darkness or light, nothing can separate you from the love of God. (see Rom 8)

        I pray grace and joy and wonder over you tonight!

        If you want to read more about paraphrase bibles here is a great artcle


        • Tineke Ziemer

          Jason, as always, such a thoughtful, life-filled, loving response, straight from the heart of the Father. I was encouraged by your words today!

          • Jason Clark

            Thanks, Tineke. You are such an encourager!
            By the way, the books went out yesterday, hopefully in time for Christmas. Lots of love and Merry Christmas from the Clarks!

          • Tineke Ziemer

            oooh! That is exciting news!

        • Kimbra

          Thank you Jason. What a beautiful and thoughtful response. What you wrote caused my heart to leap. Christ in us the hope of glory!

          • Jason Clark

            Christ in us the hope of glory! It’s the good news!! Thanks for the encouragement, Kimbra!

  2. Tineke Ziemer

    I was completely overcome with love from Holy Spirit during this podcast, just totally overwhelmed beyond words. The love that flows from this man is a gift. Thank you for this! I will be listening many times.

    • Jason Clark

      Yeah, Francios is my favorite. But then I say that about every person who comes on the podcast 🙂

      Francios is a walking talking revelation of our Father’s affection. You can’t spend time with him and not know you are loved and enough. I truly think The Mirror is important work and am so thankful for him and Lydia!

      I’ve listened several times as well, its life-giving stuff!

  3. Alex

    So.. It feels like the twilight zone. First: “the best news becomes irrelevant if someone feels excluded”, say what now? That’s blatantly heretical. The gospel gives us plenty of literally spelled out situations of people not wanting to know Jesus, the gospel or the truth etc. Partly because people don’t want to sacrifice, they usually want comfort and ease. So by God’s own words are people going to feel excluded. So francois du toit says the Bible is irrelevant. That’s not my opinion, that’s the logical conclusion of his own words.
    Secondly: that’s not what the Bible says in those verses…
    That’s why translations are done by teams of scholars, not by some novelist. There’s no resonating.
    I was interested in this bible, but the things that man believes and what I’ve read from his project.. How can this be ok? None of this is OK… Yes God is love, but also righteous, so that means there’s a measure, meaning it’s not inclusive.

    • Jason Clark

      Hey Alex!

      Thanks for your thoughts. It seems we have a different perspective on the nature of Jesus and the cross.

      I approach everything, including scripture through the all-inclusive reconciliation of the cross. (God was reconciling the world not counting sins against us. See 2nd Cor 5:9)

      Therefore his quote is absolutely stunning to me. So, to address your first question, the “best news” the gospel of Jesus, is for everyone or it isn’t the “best news.” If there is exclusion taking place at the cross then it really is not the best news, is it?

      Second, I love the Bible and appreciate all the translations and paraphrases. And I am so thankful Jesus revealed how to interpret them by becoming the Word in the flesh.

      As to God’s righteousness, it is an expression of love or it isn’t righteousness. Jesus revealed God foundationally as Love. Any interpretation of righteousness outside of Love (perfectly revealed through Christ’s death and resurrection) is a flawed interpretation.

      Finally, I wonder if you have listened to the podcast? Your points seem to be made only from the quotes above. If that’s the case I would suggest you maybe listen before jumping to conclusions. I find that the context behind quotes often helps me have grace for different perspectives.

      Hope that helps.


      • Nancy W Markon

        On Calvary, Jesus said to one criminal, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.” He did not say this to the other. This begs the question of whether the second criminal would spend eternity with Jesus or separated from Him. Both offenders are described as getting what they deserved — crucifixion — because of what they had done. The one who said Jesus had done nothing wrong was clearly pardoned by Jesus. Do you believe the other was also pardoned despite his railing at Jesus? If so, do faith, belief in Christ as the resurrected son of God, and agreement that, apart from Christ, we are sinners in need of salvation have no role to play? Is this what Francois du Toit is teaching? Why or why not?

  4. Sharon Davis

    Francois is a kind godly man. Open you hear and mind as you read this, one paragraph after another. His message has healed me as the Lord speaks through him. Be Blessed.

    • Jason Clark

      Thanks for sharing, Sharon! So thankful for Francois and Lydia, the impact of their lives is rich indeed!

    • Chica

      Could you elaborate on how you are ‘healed’? I want to be healed but only in truth… can you explain to me what you mean by being healed? Much love

  5. Philip van Dijk

    To all and sundry,

    Today I came across your site for the first time.

    It has only been a few short years since I was introduced to the historically-completed accomplishment – also called the finished work – of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross around 30AD.

    When I shared what I had come to see about Christ’s finished work on the cross with other believers I had known for some time, there were so many reasons they supplied why they really believed that all unbelievers are still SEPARATED from God’s presence.

    It even seems that the belief that unbelievers are SEPARATED from God’s presence has also added to the fact that even some believers claim that they are also SEPARATED from God’s presence as well.

    So many believers have the mindset that God is in heaven – far way from them – and that we as believers have to INVITE Christ – who is also in heaven -to intervene for us on our behalf in our relationship with God the Father. Yet. the entire Godhead has been made full or complete inside us. See Colossians 2:9-10.

    Unfortunately these believers have also forgotten – or were probably never instructed – that:

    ‘… For the love of Christ controls [constrains] us, having concluded this, that one died FOR ALL, therefore ALL DIED; and He died for all, so that those who live would no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose on their behalf. Therefore FROM NOW ON WE RECOGNIZE NO ONE BY [what one is in] THE FLESH; even though we have known Christ by the flesh, yet now we know Him in this way no longer. THEREFORE IF anyone is in Christ, this person is a new creation [creature]; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come …’ Second Corinthians 5:14-17 NASB

    So, when the apostle Paul and his coworker Timothy mention that their conclusion IS that they recognise no human being by what one is in the flesh, are they including unbelievers within this context or not?

    Also, the words ‘… Therefore if …’ as the last sentence is concluding from the previous sentence that starts with, ‘… Therefore from now on we recognize no one by the flesh …’ So, to make sense, these two writers are claiming that no human being is outside Christ Himself and so they are all a brand new creation in Him … It sounded scandalous at first glance, yet maybe that’s why it is called the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Love in Christ,

    Philip 😉

  6. Jason Clark

    “So many believers have the mindset that God is in heaven – far away from them – and that we as believers have to INVITE Christ – who is also in heaven -to intervene for us on our behalf in our relationship with God the Father. Yet. the entire Godhead has been made full or complete inside us. See Colossians 2:9-10.”

    That describes the first twenty-five years of my life and understanding. “How do I get into God” would have been the best way to describe the nature of my Christianity. For the last nearly twenty-five years I have been discovering the “scandalous” good news you have written so beautifully, “therefore.” I am in Christ!!

    Thanks for sharing, blessings!!

  7. Kathleen Hovda

    I was so encouraged listening to your conversation with Francois Du Toit. Around 15 years ago I started on a journey, searching for the place in God where I could be authentic, messy, and broken, and know that God loved me deeply, not based on my performance or having everything together. Shame was something that was so destructive (and not God) and so I read and searched to try to get free from it. Along the way I have found some healing, understanding and freedom.

    Last year a friend was sharing about Francois Du Toit, and his work with the mirror Bible. I googled him and was led to your website, and your podcast with Francois. I have enjoyed many of your podcast guests, and some articles, and continue to grow in this process (which is sometimes slow for me), but so life giving to me.

    Some of the main points of this interview that really ministered to me were: (some of my own interpretation)

    *There is no distance or separation from God no matter what your choices have been in the past, present and future.
    *You are never out of His thoughts and He will never abandon you.
    *There is no exclusive club or hidden agenda with God.
    *It is not good news if people are left out and continually judged
    *There is nothing you are facing today that can separate/distance you from God.
    *All people are equally embraced and loved by God.
    *Jesus has always been with us.
    *From now on therefore, we no longer know each other after the flesh. (2 Corinthians 5:16)
    *Many people still walk in unbelief in our true identity in Christ.

    This is so different from what many of us have been taught and discipled with, and so life giving!! I only have one friend and my daughter that I can talk with about these areas with, so I am so thankful to have found your website and all those connections on your podcast. I try to be compassionate and understanding for many who are still stuck in religion and legalism, but sometimes it is hard. I am confident to share my views and perspective with some and often try to get others to question or think about what they believe, and how they see.

    I am so thankful for your work/ministry. Thank you for stepping out and sharing the good news.

    • Jason Clark

      Hey, Kathleen,

      Wow! Love the testimony and the notes on this podcast! Those notes reveal a truly beautiful gospel and the freedom and joy found there are stunning!

      I’m thankful for guys and galls like Francios and have been so encouraged by their faith and trust in a loving Father. As the days continue I realize I am not alone, so many are awaking to our union, the joy of our salvation!

      Honored to be running the race with you! Praying grace and continued connection with folks who release life and vice versa.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. Gary hoch

    I’m no student of the early church (the first few centuries or so that we have some preserved writings of). But when I listen to what those that are historians of what the early church believed, there is a common theme. And that theme is that there are major differences in how the modern day Evangelical Church of the West interprets scripture when compared to what is known of the beliefs of the first Christians. I think the majority of the Western Church would consider the first Christians to be heretics. And therefore, the reverse would also be true. That should give all of us who are baptized into American fundamentalist sects of Christianity a little religious pride-pause, I’d think/hope.


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