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A little while back, in a comments section of an article I wrote on the nature of God, a fella by the name of Don asked a challenging question.

He disagreed with my “God Lens”; On how I saw God and the world.

“Jason, I wonder if your ‘god lens’ isn’t just a pair of rose-colored glasses. People have always made gods to their own liking. Historically, God has eventually pulled out His gun and shot them…”

In the article, I had asserted that Jesus is what God is like and He never once used a gun, He never once sought to punish or control us.

He continued…

“I can’t help but believe that what God says about Himself trumps all of our ‘god lens’ observations. I know this sounds harsh, but it takes a bright light to cut through all the smoke you’re generating. I know God loves you and I know you want to love Him, but can you love Him even if He offends your sensitivities? I don’t expect this to stay on your site for long but that’s ok. It was to you.”

This was my response…

“Don, unkindness, offensive or graphic language, or argument just for the sake of argument are really the only comments that we would pull off the site. You haven’t offended my sensitivities.

I think my ‘god lens’ is different than your ‘god lens.’

Historically, man has given God the credit for all kinds of horrific things.

Historically, and theologically, man has put a gun in God’s hand and given Him credit for all the pulled triggers: Natural disasters, wars, sickness, poverty; Historically man has attributed these things to God.

But, historically Jesus revealed that God played no part in the destruction of man.

Historically, Jesus revealed He had not “come to destroy men’s lives but to save them” (Luke 9:56).

When it comes to what He’s like, my ‘god lens’ is Jesus on a cross revealing His heart for us and our value to Him.

You are correct, it does take a bright light to cut through all the smoke. Jesus is that bright light. God is love, and He is way better than we think He is.

The goodness of God has been offending the sensitivities of man’s understanding since the fall.

There is one constant in my life, God is love, just like Jesus, and better than I think He is. If those are rose-colored glasses, then I’m guilty as charged.

Don, I am wide open to being offended by God, but in my life, when I have been offended by God, it’s not been by how bad God is, it’s been by how good He is in light of how poorly I thought of Him.

Whenever I have been offended by God, it’s because He is better than how I have historically perceived Him. And when that’s happened, I’ve repented. And then somewhere along the way I’ve written about my discovery.

I continue to grow ever-more convinced in His always-good love. And I’ve found that sometimes it’s offensive to folks. But I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and hope my response doesn’t offend you.

God bless!”

Jason Clark
is a writer, speaker and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. Tineke Ziemer

    Your response fills me with joy and gratitude and excitement to experience the revealing of this amazing God who loves us!

    • Jason Clark

      Thanks, Tineke, amen! Grace, and wonder over your day!

  2. Felicia Knox

    Great response! I love you my brother

    • Jason Clark

      Hey Felicia, love you too, thanks!!

  3. Sharon Cowburn

    God lens and rose colored glasses. I must preface this all by saying I am biased as I love all things red colored! Both these “offenses” aren’t offenses at all but a differing of how we see God in light of our personalized experiences. To me this is a debate on views that doesn’t offend but seeks out to explain where and how we see each other. That can never be wrong to seek out another’s point of view to help us all understand where we are at so that we might come together in community and come out stronger together. Thank you Jason for modeling this!

    • Jason Clark

      Great insight Sharon! Love the generous approach, amen! In the world today we could sure use the grace to see from another’s perspective.

      Thanks for being that to those in your circle and for sharing.

      Also, thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Debbie Randall

    I really appreciate what you share, I always look forward to opening your emails… their very good. I do have a question however…Do you believe there is a Great Salvation to gain and fiery hell to avoid?

    • Jason Clark


      Haha, it’s amazing how simple that question is and yet how much anger and fear and fighting and divorcing ourselves from one another can happen when one attempts to even suggest at an answer 🙂

      But I’ll give it a shot and then add some links for deeper reading.

      Here is what I believe, a Triune God, in Christ, on a cross, reconciled all humanity to Himself not counting our rejections, or delusions, or misinformation or confusion, or cultural bias or theological bent, or interpretations of hell, or our sins against us.

      What does that mean when it comes to heaven and hell, I can’t say for certain, but I’m daily convinced that it’s way better than what’s been taught.

      Personally, I believe we are saved by grace through faith. Period. (Eph 2:8)
      But too many Christians are confused today and actually believe we are saved by grace through faith and through our belief in eternal conscious torment.

      To me, salvation isn’t about avoiding hell, salvation is about heaven on earth.

      As far as what happens to us after we die, I think God is love and His love is good, and that He never leaves of forsakes us, not in death or life. I got that from Romans 8:38

      Check out this podcast where we dive into the subject of hell

      This article dives into the subject more as well.

      I would also recommend Brad Jersak’s book, Here Gate May Never Be Shut

      Also, thanks for the encouragement!


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