Thomas Jay Oord shares about open relational theology; how it connects with the way we live and matches our deepest intuitions. The guys talked about a relational God who is genuinely loving, looks like Jesus, and walks through each day with us, impacting and impacted by our friendship.

Thomas describes an uncontrolling, loving God, that harmonizes with scripture. In this podcast, he dives into the subjects of hell, prayer, and evangelism all through the lens of open relational theology.


“In the history of Christian theology the major Christian theologians have denied that God is relational, people like Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, they say, nope God doesn’t receive, God isn’t affected and relational theologians like me say, ‘you got it wrong, we need to think relationally.’”

Regarding the Open aspect of Open and Relational Theology, “So much of what we read about God in scripture is undermined if you think God is perfectly timeless.”

“We should avoid philosophies that cannot help us talk coherently about love. We should avoid philosophies that make little or no sense of love.”

“If you start with a God of love, who loves everyone all the time, you’re not gonna have a God sending anyone to eternal conscious torment.”

“If we start with love, we’re gonna move away from any notion of a punishing God.”

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Jason Clark is a writer, speaker, and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. James

    Hi guys. Thanks for the pod-cast, really enjoy them. John Crowder has done a really good teaching on Open Theism, looking at it from a Christological standpoint which I have found really helpful. Its worth looking at. Its on his Jesus Trip videos, just google “John Crowder Open Theism”. Centering around Jesus, we see God’s sovereign choice and plan, and mans response to that fulfilled in the hypostatic union – Jesus (the beginning and the end), and this was clearly known before the foundation of the world 🙂

    Thanks again for your podcasts.

    • Jason Clark

      Hey, James!

      Love John Crowder, we will actually have him on in a couple of weeks, maybe Open Theism will be the topic of conversation 🙂

      Glad the podcast is blessing, thanks for reaching out.


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