Justin Stumvoll is a speaker, teacher, and life consultant who knows the kindness of God and loves to create space for individuals to find healing so they can be their most authentic selves Just dives into Love being the key to helping folks walk through the gritty, vulnerable and real approach to transformation. This was a fast-paced conversation where the guy’s traded stories about the reconciling nature of God; they talked about punishment, self-judgment, reconciliation, justice, sin, forgiveness, grace, freedom from addiction, and more. This podcast is bursting with the kindness of God that transforms the world.


“The thing that is completely different with Jesus (as opposed to) any other religious system is that there is no hierarchy.”

“We are tormented by our disconnection to love that causes us to believe that  “I am abandoned.”

“You are more than the amalgamation of the messes you’ve made.”

“People are terrified of forgiveness because it strips them of control…under a law-based system I can control the love of God… this removes relationship and trust…”

“There’s no such thing as an atheist, there are just people that really question religion.”

 “When I look at an individual, I (am able to) have grace for their messes, (because) I don’t see a 40-year-old, I see a five-year-old…”

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Jason Clark is a writer, speaker, and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. Ben

    I assume the Word of God has overwhelmed Derrick n his wife, causing his absence from ur podcast. Perhaps lost his position. Not surprised. If I’m erroneous—pls forgive me. What/Whom I cling to..is the Word. Derrick against anyone who posts ‘disagreeable’ things here, amen? Your concluding pods, Derrick says.

    Hope u accept comments that differ from thrust o ur Theo/ Christology?

    Have that latitude n fortitude?

    • Jason Clark

      Derreck is great, still pastoring, and we’re still connected. He had more on his plate than hours in the day and needed to take a step back from a few things, including the podcast. He’ll be back on from time to time.

      As to the rest of the comment, I am not sure I understand what you’re trying to express. Not sure what’s “disagreeable” or what “thrust o ur Theo/ Christology?” means?

      • Ben

        Thank you Jason. After rereading my post I’m not sure what I meant either!!!

        Will see if I can rework it; otherwise thank you for response.


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“The Kingdom is the heart and the authority of God, from heaven, on earth, through us.” Rethinking Kingdom in the context of union, understanding the nature of the King, the penal substitutionary atonement heresy, a restorative understanding of the prophetic, how to receive or judge a prophetic word, holding on to what is good, dominion as opposed to domination, in this conversation Dubb Alexander gives insight into Jesus words, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand…God’s kingdom is within.


“The world is accelerating in the wrong direction. It feels like all we’re doing is trying to fix what’s broken. And it isn’t working. We’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and losing heart. Where is God in all this? Well, he’s living a different story. A story he’s inviting us into.” That’s the back cover introduction to Allen’s new book, The Eden Option. In this conversation, the guys dive in and explore a homeward journey, not to the Eden of the past, but a new Eden discovered in Christ. Union, rest, community, creativity, miracles, and hope, in this podcast Allen shares his journey into trust and maturing faith.


Union, a Triune God, mutual indwelling others-centered love (perichoresis) approaching scripture to discover Jesus, and communion are some of the themes Rod Williams dives into. What if “all” means “all” and God isn’t distant? There is no distance, no separation in God and this conversation is a beautiful invitation to awaken to that discovery and our union with Him.


“For too long the image and understanding of God, the One Jesus called “Abba”, has been hidden from view or distorted beyond recognition. The unspoken cry of sons and daughters all over the world is ‘Give us our Dad back!’”

A renewed mind, western wisdom vs. God’s wisdom, theology in relational terms, and above all, a Father who doesn’t just love us, He really likes us; in this conversation, Pete Scheller shares from his new book, Dancing with Wisdom. The guys dive deep into the Father nature of God and laugh along the way.


Karen Swallow Prior is a Reader, Writer, and Professor. In that order, which was discussed in this conversation along with the power of language, the Word becoming flesh, the connection of imagination with logic and reason, empathy, trauma, the theodicy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and love being the center of our conversations. Karen also shares about getting hit by a literal bus and how she grew in her understanding that her life is in God’s hands.


Theology and methodology, communal learning, asking questions and discussing false narratives, theodicy, rethinking atonement theories, the stages of faith – simplicity, complexity, perplexity, harmony (Brian McLaren), deconstruction, liturgy, the lectionary, spiral dynamics, and first-tier thinking, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, and letting God tell our story; in this podcast, Randall and the guys talk about a theology of love as revealed through the incarnation.

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