Faithfully Connected

with Derek Turner & Jason Clark








“Faith is a seed that is to be planted firmly in the love of God.” Atheism, politics, nationalism, identity, punishment, hell, evangelism, and the church, in this conversation Derek and Jason, dive into a faith that is not transactional and always relational. The guys talk about how it’s the power of kindness to change the world. This is a generous conversation between two friends who are becoming sure that God is like Jesus and always has been; two fellas rethinking what it means to be a friend of God.

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Derek Turner Follower of Jesus, in love with @sarahjturner, father to @caro.turn & @kaaatters, owner of Milo, pastor @rivercharlotte. Amazed by Grace

Jason Clark is a writer, speaker, and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.


  1. Patty Wasylyna

    Really loved this podcast Jason!
    Phenomenal truths embedded in this conversation.
    Soaring on the freedom of being loved by God and the comfort of his desire for connection with ME.

    • Jason Clark

      Thanks, Patty!

      It’s life-enriching whenever I get a chance to connect with Derek.

      Praying grace and wonder over your day!

  2. Kelly


    I really love this podcast and share it frequently. I wanted to comment on this episode because of the thoughts about brunch church. My current community actually does this! We meet in a home sometimes in the morning for breakfast but mostly for dinner. Afterwards we share, sing, pray, listen, etc. it’s been such a refreshing, safe, and nurturing space for wholeness in our personal and collective walks. I absolutely validate these desires and thoughts for a more communal time of worship. Detaching our community from a more capitalistic model has freed a space for some huge paradigm shifts; it has created a space free from not only monetary biases, but also unhealthy hierarchy. It’s a larger conversation, but I just wanted to share!

    • Jason Clark

      Hey, Kelly,

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

      I love the community you described. Detaching from a more “capitalistic model,” love that articulation. Love the removal of anything transactional within community.

      I’m with you regarding removing unhealthy hierarchy!

      It is a larger conversation and I think so many are having it! Honored to be on the journey with you. Praying grace and life over you and your community.


  3. Tineke Ziemer

    Great convo, guys! Passion and warmth. It was fun to hear the spontaneous thoughts that this conversation sparked.


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