Dear Church, Welcome To The Revolution!





Elim Bible College is a beautiful campus nestled in the hills of western New York. Some of the buildings are 150 years old.

Historic, ordered, with a felt sense of community, Elim’s campus is a place where hearts and minds have been formed in God’s love since before my grandparents attended. It’s not only where I met the girl but also a peaceful place where I grew in my relationship with Jesus—a holy place where righteousness, peace, and joy were experienced.

So, the graffiti on the water tower overlooking the campus seemed out of place. You could practically see it from anywhere—crude, impudent, and offensive. In bold red spray-painted letters, it read, “Welcome to The Revolution.”  

Revolution is “a momentous change in a situation.” Two thousand years ago, Jesus birthed the greatest revolution the world has ever seen. I think today’s Deconstruction Movement is an iteration of that revolution, a crude, out-of-place, impudent, offensive graffiti.

This movement is full of sons and daughters, the church deep and wide, changing our minds and surrendering our hearts to Greater Love. Yes, there is an abundance of reaction, but there’s also authentic response; a search for the kindness that leads to repentance. And there’s transformation.

This movement is bold, red, spray-painted letters prophetically confronting the church’s infatuation with retribution, a beautifully obnoxious sign declaring, “Wake up!” Wake up to the image and likeness of God with us, God within us.

We are in the midst of a great repentance, a de- and reconstruction, a changing of the way we think, a re-aligning with the kindness of God revealed through Christ’s reconciling work of the cross.

This movement is a messy, passionate, obnoxious, authentic search for certainty; for the Greater Love Cornerstone so many within the church have rejected. It’s a crude, impudent, and offensive declaration that there is no death love hasn’t defeated, no hell love hasn’t invaded, no delusion love hasn’t infiltrated, no darkness love hasn’t illuminated—there is nothing that separates us from reconciling love.

Dear church, this 2000-year-old Deconstruction Movement is part of the reformation we’ve longed for, the revival we’ve prayed for, the billion-soul harvest the church has prophesied, a people in search of kindness. It’s a repentance movement full of sons and daughters growing sure in love—and fathers and mothers growing confident in reconciliation.

Dear church, welcome to the revolution!

This article is excerpted from my book, Leaving and Finding Jesus

Jason Clark is a bestselling storyteller who writes to reveal the transforming kindness of the love of God. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children, Madeleine, Ethan, and Eva.


  1. Delores J. Porter

    Dear Jason, I just finished reading your Book , GoD Is NOT in Control! This book is awesomely right!! I nearly underlined it all . 🙂 and around pages 110 110 and 159 I even turned the page corners down.
    I am also an author of a series, and your book supports my books and my books support your book. I liove the title of your book! I found it because of the Title! I was looking up subjects that are in my books. Thank you for obeying God and keeping the title! I have published two books, Book One God Dooesn’t Do Evil That Good may Come, and book two God Out of the Shadows. I have just finished writting book three God Has Never Said NO to Anyone’s Healing , and have sent it for editing. It is also one of those titles. But I couldn’t get around it either. I believe like you, it is too late in time to play or dance around the TRUTH about God! I amso excited to at last find some people who have found what I have found and willing to share it. I have only found one preacher to write a foreward for me for my first book. I have a few interviews on You Tube arranged by Xlibris my publishing and marketing company. (My favorite is by Web Talk Radio, Books on Air host Suzanne harris.) I would love for you to see my books, and I would love to have some people like you, who believed on the same page as I do to write endorsements. Since there are so few of us, I believe like you, it is so important to support one and other. I am a Hair Stylist by trade and I have been telling every body and showing them your book! I thing I am going to buy my pastor one! If you would be interested in reading some of my book three and be kind to write an endorsement or know someone who will, could you send me your email address for me to send my manuscript to. Jason, thank you for all you are doing for the Kingdom of God, and May God Blessings and truth keep coming precept upon precept line upon line. Sincerely, Delores j. Porter

    • Jason Clark

      Hey, Delores,

      I just got online (been taking a break through the Christmas Season) and saw your email as well!

      Glad you found the book, and it landed, ha! Thanks for the encouragement; it is so kind!

      I just learned about your books and sent an address so you can send the new one 🙂 Excited to dive in. I also noted how I went about getting endorsements for the last couple of books (in my email to you).

      Look forward to hearing back.

      Praying grace and wonder over you and yours, and Happy New Year!

  2. Delores J. Porter

    Thank you so much Jason for your response! It is great to hear from an author on the same page with me. Thank you. I’ll send you an email with my latest book God Has Never said NO to any ones’s Healing!
    Delores J. Porter


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