Every Breath I Breathe

A Prayer For The New Year





Oh, Poppa, it’s a beautiful day!

You’re comfortable in my skin, and I am comfortable being Your skin…Christ in me!

You are here, in me and around me, filling every atom and cell, absorbing every bit of darkness, every lie, every distortion. Every breath I breathe,


Whispering praise,

completely at rest,

expectancy rising.

Thank You, Father, that I get to live in You today!

This is our day.

Light up our world today.

Every city, every county, and every state throughout this nation. Peace be still!

Light up this world with Your truth and Your love.

You’ve got this, and I can rest right here, right now!

A Prayer

My crafted morning prayer goes something like this.

With one hand on my head and the other over my heart.

“Oh, Father, thank you, thank You, thank You, that I get to live in You today! This is the day that You made! I rejoice in it!

Thank You for this union, this oneness with, and in You! I soak in Your love today…

Christ in me, yes, it’s Christ in me, every day as I am on my way, it is Christ in me!

In You, I live, move, and have my being!

Today I live from this place of rest, fullness, bounty, wholeness, wellness, affection, and love!

Peace flowing like a River!

The fountain of joy welling up into life!

Thank you, Jesus! For giving life to me!

May everything I do become the thing that pleases You…


Love you, Lloyd
Happy New Year!

Lloyd Clark 
is an entrepreneur, a former pastor, and a writer. He is passionate about being loved by our Heavenly Father and revealing that same love to everyone he meets. He and his wife Mary have 5 children and 7 grandchildren and live in North Carolina.


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