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In this conversation, Jason, Matthew, and Chris discuss the concept of union with Christ and its implications. They explore the idea that Jesus identifies completely with humanity and suffers with us. They also discuss the difference between a simplistic understanding of union and a profound understanding that recognizes the fullness of our identity in Christ.

How the master-slave paradigm is misused to justify power and control, speaking truth with love and authority, Christian nationalism and how it undermines the integrity of the gospel, the concept of the fear of the Lord and how it leads to perfect love, breaking conspiracy thinking and the hope we can know because God is in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, in this podcast, the guys start and end with the hope of the Gospel—God is in Christ reconciling the world to Himself

“The Israelite heals, that’s all you need to know.” Jefferey
From, Cormac McCarthy’s, The Passenger.


– The Concept of Union
– The Radical Union with Christ
– Living from Union
– The Narrative of Master and Slave
– Speaking Truth with Love and Authority
– Using Jesus’ Teachings for Political Gain
– Christian Nationalism and the Integrity of the Gospel
– The Fear of the Lord and Perfect Love
– Breaking the Cycle of Fear and Conspiracy Thinking
– The Future of Christianity in America
– The Deconstruction Movement and the Search for Jesus
– The Israelite Heals: Finding Hope in Jesus

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God Is Not A Master — YouTube Teaching
God Is Not A Master — Substack Link
The Israelite Heals — Substack Link

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Matthew Hester has been in ministry most of his life under the training and impartation of both his natural and spiritual parents, Jerry and Martha Hester of Dominion Church International.  He has been in ordained ministry since 2000 and currently pastors Dominion Church International. He also serves on the faculty of The Advance Leadership Institute, a groundbreaking institute founded by Bishop Van Moody. 

Matthew is the founder of the online school Present Truth Academy. P.T.A. is an online school that offers the latest in teaching and equipping from exciting and relevant teachers, ministers, and thought leaders from around the world. 

Dr. Hester has been used mightily by God throughout many nations, including Australia, Kenya, Bulgaria, South Korea, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ireland, and others. He has authored four books and multiple audio messages to help serve the Body of Christ.  He resides with his wife Megan and four children in the Greenville/Spartanburg metro area in South Carolina.

Jason Clark is a relational theologian — a storyteller who writes to reveal the transforming kindness of the love of God. He has authored several books, including, Leaving and Finding Jesus, & Prone to Love. He is the lead communicator at  A Family Story and co-host of Rethinking God with Tacos PODCAST. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their four children, Madeleine and Joseph, Ethan, and Eva.


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