Prone To Love / Book Trailer

Recently I shot a book trailer with my brother for the book proposal. I am super excited about this message! I believe its a life changer and wanted to give a quick peek into the book!

Hidden & Hungry: And A New Song

I have often prayed for an increased hunger without fully grasping what I was asking for. Hunger is directly associated with discomfort and even need. It’s only hunger if you have waited to eat. I believe it’s our understanding of our need that makes room for God to come and fill us.

A Sling and A Song: Worship that Kills Giants

Everything in the Kingdom of God is birthed out of worship. All of our promises are engaged through worship. Our worship is an act of surrender, our will for His. But our worship doesn’t stop at surrender. When we surrender to God, He invites us into the untamed where we can demonstrate our worship

Sibling Rivalry: The Pee Tyrant

At 10 years of age, I thought that this was grossly inappropriate. Now if Joel had needed to pee…


what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance:
Elmer’s Fortune

Elmer’s Fortune

Elmer ate Chinese alone in a corner booth of Taste of NY Restaurant; chicken and broccoli with string beans. Elmer used a plastic fork.

He watched a neighboring table of young people; early twenties. They were hanging all over each other, familiar in the way of youth. One girl, in a yellow sweater, was reading a fortune from her cookie. Elmer couldn’t make it out but heard the last words

“in bed.”

Everyone laughed and Elmer smiled, tiredly.
He knew the game.



God creates order from disorder and we have been invited to co-create with Him. In the midst of chaos, “we associate peace with answers. God associates peace with Union.”

Our Little Corner

Our Little Corner

Vibey, hopeful, and stirring, Our Little Corner EP is six cover songs recorded by Ethan Wilde Clark, and produced and performed by Ethan and Madeleine True Clark under the name Wilde Assembly.


You were created to dream… and dream big.
Discover how to take the limits off your dreams,
and start experiencing the abundant life that you were made for!


“Prone To Love is an irresistible journey into transforming love.”
— Mark Batterson, NYT Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker

MADE To Create

Our goal is to provide quality content for creative children and families:

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EPISODE ONE  In this, our first video, we’ll introduce a family walking a tightrope. We will also complete an abstract art challenge and conclude with a chat about how being a creative person is very much like walking a tightrope.

EPISODE TWO  In our second episode, we’ll introduce 13-year-old, Leigh, who happens to be a co-director for Made To Create. She will teach us a little Taekwondo. One of the essential Tenets of Taekwondo is INTEGRITY. We will learn a little more about this word as well as complete a fun, craft challenge by using items we would normally just throw away.

EPISODE THREE  In this episode, we’ll introduce some of our family who’ll share why being creative is so contagious! Our special guest is Mary Clark who is not only the matriarch of this family but an expert quilter! You’ll learn so much more than art from her and leave encouraged! Our creative challenge this week, will sharpen your focus and relax you as you create an optical illusion.

EPISODE FOUR  In today’s video, we’ll meet a talented, young sketch artist and learn how to make mini-versions of ourselves in puppet form! We will explore the meaning and importance of perseverance as we live out these wonderful, creative lives!

This Weeks Creative Challenge Supply List is as follows: Cereal Box, Paper, Markers, Tape, Yarn, Scissors

EPISODE FIVE  In this episode, we’ll explore the fantastic world of Juno, an eight-year-old, speed skater, with a smile so pure, you’ll feel it on the inside. Our Creative Challenge will teach us how to put our money to good use for an origami surprise, and we’ll talk about how to bring the fun back in when life gets too serious. Enjoy! 

This Weeks Creative Challenge Supply List is as follows: A One Dollar Bill.

EPISODE SIX  In today’s video, you’ll meet a world-class drummer! We will explore different rhythms and create our own custom drum to practice all we learned. We’ve also added a “YOU ARE EXCELLENT” segment to showcase the work of our artistic fans who’ve been sending their beautiful weekly challenges in! You are amazing!! For more information on our guest, check out his website,

This Week’s Creative Challenge Supply List is as follows: Recycled containers, rubber bands, balloons, paper or paint, tape, and scissors.


what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance:
Our Little Corner

Our Little Corner

Vibey, hopeful, and stirring, Our Little Corner EP is six cover songs recorded by Ethan Wilde Clark, and produced and performed by Ethan and Madeleine True Clark under the name Wilde Assembly.



“I am building bridges between my friends who are atheists, my friends who are fundamentalists, my friends who consider themselves progressive or any end of the spectrum. Because gratitude is the one place we all come together.” John Mark McMillan

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World

For me, the End Times is now, “on earth as it is in heaven” is my mandate, growing sure in love is my strategy, and being kind and faithfully loving everyone around me is my implementation.

Even now, when fear is doggedly knocking at my door, I’m hopeful. Hope is my now and my future. And when it isn’t, I repent.

Scott Crowder – Upon Shoulders

Scott Crowder – Upon Shoulders

              Upon Shoulders | Scott Crowder I have known Scott for 25 years. He and his family are giants in the faith. They live with a wide open yes to all Gods goodness. Scott is one of my favorite people in whole world. Scott is...

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