“A beautiful and inspiring story of how forgiveness sets us free. This book is a well-written reminder of how to guard our heart against offense and fly high! Gorgeously illustrated. I highly recommend.” — Suzanne

Five-year-old Leelee is as free as a bird and full of joy. That is, until her best friend hurts her heart. Sad and confused, Leelee sleeps and finds in her dreams that her once free bird has become trapped in a cage of unforgiveness.

Teased and mocked by her captors, the great bird never gives up hope, believing that Leelee, her hero and her heart, will be brave enough to forgive her friend and free her once again. Will Leelee find the courage to forgive?

“You will want to read this book to your kids but it’s a life changing story for readers of all ages.” — Shelly

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