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To know that God  played no part in my abuse as a child, in order for me to later have empathy for similar victims, or has put me in terrible back pain so that I can learn lessons from Him, has simply brought rivers of tears, as I’m being set free to have a new relationship with Him as my good, and perfectly loving Father.


When you speak, preach, teach, I sense God is cultivating my heart- pulling out all these ways I have grown up thinking/believing … striving, desperate for God’s love… I am excited to see what this process brings forth in my life and love with Father God!


We believe the whole earth is experiencing a great reformation, an awakening to the always good love of our Heavenly Father. We have all been included and invited into this grand narrative; a story of transformation, hope, and trust, a family story.

Through writing, speaking, film, and, music, we are passionately and relentlessly sharing this good story, the good news!

We ask that you would partner with us to see lives transformed and the family of God established on earth as it is in heaven!

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    A Family Story is a 501 (c) 3. A non-profit organization.

    God Bless
    Jason & Karen Clark
    Lead Communicators at A Family Story

    My mind is blown. I barely have words to describe the joy and hope I have for deeper revelation and intimacy with God; for freedom in my life and the trickle-down effect, this will have in all my relationships.


    This book is life altering and written so well. I have known God as love, but the author somehow creates a deeper, more personal connection that allows me to embrace my identity as a son of God in a whole new light


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