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This podcast features Chapter Three of Jason Clark’s recent book, Leaving and Finding Jesus.

“We have been invited to trade a finite perspective with an infinite eternal life revelation—Christ in us, the hope of glory—and nothing separates us from His love! In John 17, Jesus prayed that we would know this union, this oneness, just as He and the Father were one. Further, He revealed there is no darkness light won’t penetrate, no brokenness that won’t be made whole, no road He won’t join us on, no soil the Seed won’t transform, no consequence of sin that His justice won’t restore—past, present, or future…”


For most of my life, the story of The Rich Young Ruler has been preached by well-intentioned, What am I still lacking, preachers. It’s the message of separation where humanity is outside of God, and the preacher spends most of his message trying to measure the distance between us.

The What am I still lacking message is a self-righteous religious attempt to earn something Jesus already gave. 

And like the Rich Young Ruler, we often walk away grieving as we continue to strive down that frustrating road of lack where God is distant and eternal life is just out of reach; always, well, later…

I Don’t Know…But God Is Good…As Jesus Revealed Him

In the age of certainty, we are invited to live in the faith of, I don’t know…but God is good…as Jesus revealed Him.

Jesus is the way to where we are going; He is the lens by which to discover wisdom, the key by which to unlock understanding.

A Family Story 2023 / To The Jacks Of All Trades

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

What? I thought as the whole story illuminated my soul. Deep within me, I sensed my heavenly Father’s laughter—as though He plays the long game. We are rich in love.

I ran inside to find my wife and read the whole story. She grinned like she does when she’s right. It’s stunning…

Three In One

Every thought, every experience, every heartbeat was a display of mutual, self-giving, other-centered love—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit walking as One. Jesus lived every moment immersed in the lavish surrender of perfect love and the liberty of consent—sure in His Father, confident in the Holy Spirit.

Forward By Randall Worley

The way Jason approaches the question of control reminds me of the poem by Emily Dickinson titled “Tell All The Truth, But Tell It Slant.” Dickinson says that “we should tell the truth —the whole truth—but tell it indirectly, in a circuitous and round-the-houses fashion. The truth,” she says, “is too bright and dazzling for us to be able to cope with it in one go. We have to be overwhelmed by it.”

Free To Give / Sapphira

The difference between an honest question and entrapment is the spirit in which it’s asked. When Grace is the spirit, the question confronts for the purpose of repentance, transformation, and restoration. When Law is the spirit, the question condemns for the purpose of separation and retribution.

Free To Give / Peter, You, Me, & Even Ananias

After Ananias and Sapphira were greeted in heaven by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, after being immersed in an atmosphere of grace and love, after their punishing religious obsession with good and evil was exposed, and self-righteous striving had ceased, in the freedom of consent, as they celebrated union, and as the band took a quick five, Jesus leaned over and with a heavenly grin, said, “Sorry about Pete. I told him to ‘feed my sheep,’ and he’s doing a brilliant job of it—most days. But occasionally, he still stumbles over the punishing lie of separation and forgets reconciling love. And when that happens,” Jesus chuckled as He opened His arms, recognizing their participation in the sweet by and by, “well, you know.”

Then Jesus gave a good-natured wink, “At least he didn’t use a sword this time.”

No Partiality / part 2 / Peter & Cornelius

For nearly a decade, when it came to what the early church believed, Gentiles were out. Then suddenly, Peter discovered what was always true, the Truth that set him free: there is no us or them, no, in or out when it comes to our Heavenly Father and His kids. Peter discovered what Paul later wrote about in Galatians, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

No Partiality / part 1 / The Early Church

…It’s nearly impossible, but imagine a church interpreting Scripture to reveal Jesus as the Savior of a select group, a people who looked, believed, and acted like them—as though atonement was somehow, limited…Imagine they interpreted Scripture in ways that separated Gentiles from Jews, in from out, and women from ministry…


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“In this beautifully accessible spiritual memoir, Jason flips the tables of any faith far too small and narrow to contain the all-expansive love of God. I’m grateful for any witness whose deconstruction doesn’t discard (or rob others of) the truly good news of Jesus. Here, Jason shares with us a living person who’s guided him forward, not merely an idea to be left behind.”
Bradley Jersak Get your copy now on AMAZON!
“You will be challenged. You will be scared. But in daring to leave the retributive Jesus made by men, you will become fully alive and discover the Jesus of perfect love is waiting for you.”
Mark Appleyard Get your copy now on AMAZON!
“If you let it, this book will bring healing to your past and launch you into a future filled with wonder.”
Bryant Spratlin Get your copy now on AMAZON!

“When you read Leaving and Finding Jesus, you feel God’s heart of love like you’ve never felt before. I believe you will be challenged to leave religious mediocrity for a reimagined spirituality with Jesus.”
Naeem Fazal Get your copy now on AMAZON!

“I’m always looking for voices dedicated to introducing and reintroducing the church and the world to the God who is full of hope, personified by love, and better than can be imagined. Jason Clark is one of those voices, and Leaving and Finding Jesus is a welcome gift born from his personal walk.”
Matthew Hester Get your copy now on AMAZON

“What makes this book majestic is that it gives the reader permission to pursue and challenge traditions for the sake of uncovering the Goodness of God.”
Carlos Padilla  Get your copy now on AMAZON!

“While joining Jason on this fantastic read, I found myself humming REM’s “That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion.
Dr. Shawn C. Harnish Get your copy now on AMAZON!

“If you’re like me and you’re questioning much of your prior beliefs and convictions, but you’re struggling to get those thoughts in order, or into words, Leaving and Finding Jesus might just be the most important book you’ll read this year.”
Ian W Berry Get your copy now on AMAZON!




Leaving and Finding Jesus

Trading a Punishing God for Reconciling Love

In Leaving and Finding Jesus, Jason writes about his deconstructing Emmaus Road faith journey. He confronts the myth of separation with the truth that nothing, not life or death, powers or authorities, present or future, not hell, nor our understandings, beliefs, systems, or actions—nothing separates us from the love of God.

Based on scripture, recent studies, shared stories, and his experiences as a pastor and relational theologian, Leaving and Finding Jesus encourages folks to trade a transactional view of God for something better, friendship.

From hell to hermeneutics, this book deconstructs our often cruel and punishing thoughts about God so we might discover a firm foundation upon which to build our faith; God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

Leaving and Finding Jesus is bold but kind and will encourage:

– the millions of Christians exhausted by the ‘for or against’ paradigm that seems to rule and define the Christian narrative today.

– those who are moving from a transactional approach to God toward a relational connection defined by other-centered, self-giving love.

– those who reject the image of God as a violent, retributive Being and embrace God’s image as the kind, reconciling Spirit at work within us, and our world, for good.

– the faithful followers of Jesus who may no longer identify with organized religion but are passionate about the work of reconciliation.


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