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Sovereign Love

This is a six-session teaching series by Jason Clark based off his book, God Is (Not) In Control.

Revelation and innovation change the way people think and act. God is using Jason to speak directly into my heart. It’s like these things are already there but Jason has the ability to put these inspirations into words, and often my heart burns within me as I read or hear the truth revealed and verified through his work.


When you speak, preach, teach, I sense God is cultivating my heart- pulling out all these ways I have grown up thinking/believing … striving, desperate for God’s love… I am excited to see what this process brings forth in my life and love with Father God!


What if control is a flawed word to describe God’s sovereignty? What if there is an infinitely better word, a greater revelation, LOVE!

Jason brings you to a refreshing encounter with the love and goodness of our heavenly Father. He does this by taking a fresh look at God’s sovereignty.

When you realize that God’s supreme power and authority are LOVE…everything changes for the better.


In this teaching series:

  • You will discover how to know and experience God’s love
  • You will discover the joy of interpreting scripture through a theology of Christ
  • You will discover how to step away from the insecurity of a punishment focused God and live confident in our Father’s great affection
  • You will discover how to daily access joy and hope
  • You will develop a practical understanding of the sovereignty of God


In light of the realities so many of us are facing with the measures to address coronavirus, A Family Story is giving my Sovereign Love teaching series to you for $10. That’s 90% off.

In uncertain times, I want to encourage you to live sure in peace and joy. You are His beloved son or daughter and it’s my heart that you experience lower anxiety and increased confidence, security, and connection in every area of your life.

SOVEREIGN LOVE is a six-session teaching series based on my book, God Is (Not) In Control.

God’s sovereign love is available to you right now. His love is the tangible peace and hope that will empower you to live secure in every area of life. It’s my desire to guide you into a refreshing encounter with our Father’s love and goodness.

The first episode is free,  PREVIEW HERE

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There are nearly 4 hours of teaching in this 6-Part video series. 


Your book, God Is (Not) In Control, completely changed how I thought, felt, and believed in my relationship with God. My husband and I are so grateful for you!  Your writing and revelation have forever changed our lives!


This book is life altering and written so well. I have known God as love, but the author somehow creates a deeper, more personal connection that allows me to embrace my identity as a son of God in a whole new light


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